We want to take care of you and your kids!

We are aware that a dental visit usually doesn‘t cheer you up. We will use our above average emotional and social skills to make sure that you will always feel comfortable in our office.

Not without reason our partnering office kidsocs became the most successful pediatric dental office in Berlin. Passion for people and technical perfection defines us and our team. Moreover an above average sensibility for the anxieties of our young and older patients.

We offer the ideal treatment of the whole family and of every age-group. In particular we have specialized in prevention of dental diseases (prophylaxis), the orthodontic treatment of adolescents, the replacement of teeth through dental implants, and the restauration of complex cases under general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

Since more than 25 years we have been convinced that friendliness, quality and competence have to be affordable. This is supported by our central but moderately-priced location in Berlin-Tiergarten.

Yes, we greatly enjoy being dentists, because our patients feel comfortable with us. You will certainly be aware of it, when you visit us.

We are looking forward to see you!

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Beautiful asleep!
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